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About Us

Sri Annapurna Charitable Trust is a non-governmental organization registered in the year 2019. The organization works in education, health, environmental protection, and other community service activities with nine different projects, each focusing on different problems. The organization and the projects are designed majorly to focus on the young minds of India. Education projects focus on helping underserved students at slums, orphanages, and similar places by providing services like organizing classes, study hours, financial support to eligible students, starting mini-libraries, organizing children festivals, and many more activities to make sure of all-round development of the students and make them socially responsible. The team provides online Student Empowerment Training and certify well performers. Health-related projects focus on organizing blood donation camps, medical camps at needed areas, creating health awareness through different campaigns and workshops, and providing medical assistance through known organizations and hospitals. 

Become a Volunteer

Volunteer with us and you’ll join a powerful movement of people united by one goal – a better tomorrow, for everyone.


Sri Annapurna Charitable Trust Breakfast Programme serves morning nutrition to more than 12,00,000 children in 15,000+ schools across 2 States in India.


To nurture school-going children in rural India and disadvantaged sections of society with nutritious breakfast while also catering to their emotional and spiritual needs.


  • Sri Annapurna Charitable Trust stands to spread unconditional love and care beyond all manmade barriers.
  • Sri Annapurna Charitable Trust aspires to bring to all its volunteers, peace, happiness and higher evolution, by expanding their personal world to encompass the entire universe and they transforming into an integral part of the universe.
  • Sri Annapurna Charitable Trust wishes to spread positive ness and wipe the tears of the abandoned and destitute masses of our neighbourhood.
  • Sri Annapurna Charitable Trust wishes to spread this neighbourhood to contain the whole world.

Chairman / CEO
Sri Annapurna Charitable Trust

Our Projects


Project Annapurna of We Are with You Charitable Trust always believes that giving brings happiness. The project does community service activities like food distribution and clothes distribution.


Many celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other memorable days by spending time at a movie or having a fancy dinner with family and friends at a restaurant. Spending quality time with loved ones gives happiness.


Many children around us want to pursue extraordinary dreams. However, these children’s financial conditions and family support are not letting them reach their dreams. Project Vaaradhi deals with such children and helps them achieve their goals. 


Globalization made human life comfortable and luxurious. In the process, humans made decisions to exploit natural resources resulting in global warming, climate change, and adverse effects on the environment, resulting in direct and indirect effects on human life.


Good health is the only good thing a person can hope to achieve anything the person wants. Many people without proper knowledge and by following unhealthy practices are getting affected by various diseases.


We Are with You Charitable strongly believes that education is a tool that helps develop a country. Academics alone will not contribute to education, but it is part of education.


Many people believe that a huge amount of money is required for formal education. That is true but up to a certain extent. Many volunteers, including the founder of Sri Annapurna Charitable Trust,